Our mission and vision

As a specialist we are always following the latest developments and enrich ourselves with new knowledge every day. Together with our core values: Flexibility, customer oriented, knowledge, quality, fast and reliable we want to be the indispensable link between our suppliers and our customers.

It is our mission to ensure, in collaboration with our suppliers and customers, that their processes will run smoothly, regardless of whether it applies to their purchasing, sales or production process.   

By using our core values our customers experience Leijenaar as a reliable, fast and competent partner. Our suppliers experience our approach as constructive which often results in a long and close relationship. This interplay between supplier and customer is considered very pleasant by the staff of Leijenaar.

Leijenaar achieved this position by investing in relations and by working reliable for several decades. Therefore we do not believe in short-term thinking. We will always keep investing in long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.