Our history

The first generation Leijenaar started his local business in lubricants and small technical parts from out of his home.

1945 - 1957
After World War II the second generation Leijenaar continued  the business and extended to regional scale. By now the second generation moved to a new home at the Frans Halslaan in Naarden, in which the family lived and from where the sales took place from out of the living room.

The growth of the company continued and the house at the Frans Halslaan became too small, therefore the warehouse was being moved to the Nassaustraat in Bussum. Because of the growth of the company, for the first time in history, an employee from outside the family was hired: Mister Truffino.


The second generation Leijenaar has now reached an age that they had to look at how the future of Leijenaar would look like. Within the family there was no successor and so Mr. Truffino saw his chance. In 1960 he takes over Leijenaar, including the house at the Frans Halslaan where he will also be living with his family.

1960 - 1975 
Under the leadership of Mr. Truffino Leijenaar continued growing and started delivering its products nationwide.

Because of the growth the company is taken out of the house and moved to the Botweg in Bussum where the office and warehouse are merged into one new building.


Harro Truffino, the son of Mr. Truffino, joins the company.

1995 – 2001
Harro Truffino takes over Leijenaar from his father and continues the growth and professionalization. Relationships with suppliers are being strengthened and Harro realizes Leijenaar his exclusivity for eight of the most reputable manufactures in the industries of machine elements, lubrication technology and conveyor belt components.


Leijenaar has now taken over two other companies and has burst at the seams in the building at the Botweg and therefore moves again to a new building at the Nijverheidsweg in Huizen.


Leijenaar takes a look outside of the borders of Europe and becomes the exclusive supplier of Darshana from India, machine elements manufactures.

The product range is extended with a new product: Conveyor belt cleaners and plows.

The new website including a webshop goes online.