Electronic timer TUP 1078/1

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Electronic timer TUP 1078/1

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The electronic timer TUP is a freely programmable control unit for valve control and can replace additional control components such as time relays, time switches or programmable logic controllers.

  • Switch functions: clock, timer inverted, switch-on pulse and switch-on delay.
  • Function and time range are selected via DIP switches. The fine adjustment is done via a potentiometer.
  • Easy to install: after easy disconnection of the device connection, the timer type 1078-1 has been set and programmed
  • Flexible cable output: a cable output that can be converted in 90 ° increments enables installation even in problematic conditions.
  • Integrated LED display of the switching pulses: therefore permanent control of the supply voltage and the valve control can be carried out.
  • Fast function control: even with long time intervals, e.g. in the hour range. After fine-tuning, switch to the seconds range - control - switch back to the original time range. Each by simply pressing the DIP switch.
  • Splashproof: thanks to the IP65 protected plastic housing, the device can also be used in problematic environments.
  • Voltage ranges: 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz AC, 24-48 V / 50-60 Hz AC / DC.
  • The connector pattern according to DIN 43 650-A enables the combination with a wide variety of valves.
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061780603 TUP
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101 V - 230 V AC / DC ELO/EOS/MET


Electronic timer TUP 1078/1
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