About our webshop

In our website we have a completely integrated webshop. We notice that purchasing and sales are continuously automated. With our webshop we want to make the lives of our relations easier. On our website it is possible to instantly see the prices of our products and if they are in stock. You just fill in the amount needed and with on push on the button you fill your shopping or request cart.

If you press on the button “quick order” it is possible to fill your cart by just typing in the article number and the quantity. If you have a large order or request then it is possible to import a complete order list. Take a look at the “quick order” page to download an example file.

If you are an existing customer and log on to our website it is possible to directly place orders with your own purchasing conditions. In your account dashboard you can see your order and invoice history and with one button press you can reorder one of your earlier orders.